St Marys Cement's products are an essential part of the development and renewal of buildings and infrastructure, and cement-based products are found in every aspect of daily life, including buildings, bridges, highways and sidewalks.

​​Our company's goal of economic sustainability is to manage a business that is economically viable, environmentally sound and socially responsible, and involves using the assorted assets of the company efficiently, to allow it to continue functioning profitability over time. Achieving this goal requires participation from all employees and stakeholders of the business, both to determine future needs and to identify and imple​​ment innovative and appropriate solutions.

The primary mission of St Marys Cement is to make a profit for reinvestment in the perpetuity of its business activities. Financial health assures sustainable management so that social and environmental concerns are part and parcel​​​ of the way the company does business.

​Assuring growth, competitiveness, innovation and business perpetuity, while working to promote these principles throughout the following links in the value chain, St Marys Cement is dedicated to develop the following key re​lationships on a sust​ainable basis:

  • Customers – long-term relationships strengthened by trust, shared value, innovation, and preference.
  • Employees – meritocracy and contribution to results in a workplace climate that favors  human and organizational development.
  • Suppliers – alignment of values and sustainable practices as key factors in competitiveness and loyalty building.
  • Shareholders, investors & markets – value creation through business ventures with integrity and transparency.
  • Government & public policy – proactive participation in a public agenda for sustainable development.

​​The viability of our business depends on the resources of healthy ecosystems – fresh water, clean air, robust biodiversity, productive land - the new picture of how to prosper in business is emerging.