Ready-Mix concrete is a service industry like none other. Each truck is in fact a mobile mixing machine delivering a made-to-order product that is especially time sensitive. Being there on schedule is crucial, since a pour might require 100 cubic metres of concrete every hour with twenty or thirty skilled workers awaiting its arrival.

​CBM makes service its most important product. The basic ingredients of Ready-Mix concrete are cement, fine and coarse aggregates and water but other chemicals can be added to the mix to enhance its performance. Different mixtures can delay the hydration process to provide more pouring time, to provide more pumpability or to speed the process up to prevent downtime while waiting for the concrete to set up. Different types and proportions of cement, chemicals and water can vary the strength and performance of the final product and it all looks approximately the same coming out of the chute. The ability to supply the exact mix, without compromising the schedule and without fail, is what ensures the success of CBM and the customers which use its products.

Established principally in Ontario, Canada, St. Marys CBM is the building materials division of St. Marys Cement. With the head office in Toronto, the company has more than 450 Ready-Mix trucks operating out of 40 plants. The plants are located in areas from Hull, Quebec (serving the National Capital region) in the east, 475 miles to Windsor in the west with emphasis on the most heavily populated areas of the province. St. Marys CBM, with twelve sand and gravel operations and quarries, is also a major aggregate producer, competing in the Southern Ontario market which consumes over 140 million tonnes of aggregate annually.